Off-Wave and Get-Together

In cooperation with the platform #By2020WeRiseUp the project ‘Zähne putzen’ organizes the first Off-Wave-Get-Together in the community Lebensbogen near Kassel this year. This event is embedded in the Off-Wave, which is also announced in cooperation with #By2020WeRiseUp from ‘Zähne putzen’ and for which you can find all relevant information below.

First of all more information about the Off-Wave Get-Together from 14.11. to 24.11. 2019 in the community Lebensbogen near Kassel: Auf dem Dörnberg 13, 34289 Zierenberg, Germany.

We want to live what we are fighting for, a liberated society and an attentive and caring coexistence, a collective awareness. To achieve this, we want to take a deep breath together and go into the process, try to find questions and answers. For this purpose we will gather in the community Lebensbogen near Kassel.

We propose to organize the Get-Together to one third each as a regeneration space, as a workspace and for the conscious doing of care work.

During the Get-Togehter we want to…

  • live together in sustainable activism to prevent a collective burnout process.

  • ask us what a cross-movement awareness concept could look like.

  • look at how we can recognise solidarity structures, network them and make them accessible.

  • create a safer space for all together and not accept any form of discriminatory behaviour.

Awareness will play a role again and again, the feeling for what is needed at the moment. Therefore, the program is to be understood as an invitation and lives also from the common shaping with you and what is in store for the group and for individuals. Every day there will be a workshop, reflection rounds and regeneration elements. We want to open a space for active self-care, recreation and further thinking.

Let us come together to plan together how we can live sustainable activism and domination-free structures. Even if you can’t be there all the time, you are welcome! Contact if you need a retreat and follow this link: Registration if you want to be part of the Off-Wave Get-together.

The places are limited to 30 persons and are made available to participants* with no exchange logic. We try to organize vegan food by donations and do not suggest any amount.

Those who come should only bring bed linen, towels and no sleeping bags. Towels and bed linen can optionally be provided by the conference house for a one-time fee of 10€.

If you don’t have time or capacity for the get-together, we invite you to use the Off-Wave structures in general:

FridaysForFuture has been on strike for almost a year, and since 2015 Ende Gelände has been going into the pit – small and large events are taking place everywhere. But it’s not just the climate justice movement that is setting up. More and more emancipatory alliances are forming in order to radically change this society, also and especially actors of feminist, anti-racist and animal justice movements, as well as many other networks of resistance and rebellion.

Action week follows on Global Strike and climatecamp, but far too rarely do we take the time to reflect on actions, to gather and regenerate. Although friendship, care and trust are the glue of social movements, they fall out of focus again and again in the face of urgency and multitude of problems. We want to change that!

Therefore, from now on, we will create the first Off-Wave for political activists from ‘Zähne putzen’. In cooperation with all the great people from our community network and #By2020WeRiseUp we invite you to use the mostly exchange-logic-free and uncomplicated structures of more than 20 retreat places. To simply relax after the action marathon, which many have behind them, take a deep breath of all the stress before, during and after the actions. Here you can consciously bring awareness into the areas of life and topics that have been neglected lately.

Through our own experiences and in exchange with many other activists, we realize that regeneration and recovery are unfortunately still too seldom taken into consideration. After joint actions, many are often left on their own again. Therefore we offer you a catching network, which you can use alone or also gladly with your buddys, reference groups or working groups.

Through Off-Wave, we want to encourage regeneration and reflection to become an integral part of political actionism. It can be difficult to take the step of reaching for the telephone or a laptop when people have just had stressful experiences. Thoughts like: “Don’t be afraid, everything has gone well” or “There are other people who have had much more blatant experiences and who have also put it away” often get in the way.

We of ‘Zähne putzen’ want that experiences do not have to be put away any longer, but processed, in order to be able to go stronger and more reflected into the next action. In order to counteract blockades, fear, traumas and ultimately the often observed burnout. And we know that we cannot work miracles. Traumas need a lot of strength and time to heal, burnout often has to be treated therapeutically for months.

We want to be a first step, a prevention, so that it doesn’t get that far anymore. We encourage self-care after the action, to ‘brush your teeth’ – a small but important routine to stay healthy and capable of action in the long run!

We want to live what we are fighting for, a liberated society and an attentive and caring togetherness, a collective awareness.

So if you are looking for a place in your activism after the last actions, everyday burdens or other efforts to give space to these processes, get in touch with us!

Just send an e-mail to:

You can also find a PGP key and an overview of the communities on this website.

With solidarity greetings,

your Off-Wave project team!